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Here the conclusions:

  • This allele lack (a part of a gene) of Glutathione has been responsible for the intoxication so high from heavy metals in particular aluminium, always more present in the environment where we live.
  • In order to know if you are intoxicated from heavy metals, the unique real exam is the differential urine exam after getting a chelanting infusion (EDTA).
  • Once you’ve got the chelating infusion and therefore the EDTA is inner circle, it attaches before with some metals and then, when they are decreased, this EDTA attaches other metals with minor affinity. This is the order in which the main heavy metals are attached: Aluminium, Cadmi, Lead, Mercury. This means that when you get this exam it will indicate a really high aluminiun rate, but the cadmi, Lead and mercury rate are lower. That doesn’t mean you have no these metals, it just means that at the first infusion the EDTA has attached initially with the most affinity metal carrying it in the urine.
  • The CNS is the last part of the body which let free the metals because it doesn’t do by contact, but only for diffusion and it’s a slower process.
  • The amalgam fillings active a catalyzing effect of this disease. Therefore they are not nether a necessary condition nor a sufficient condition, but they make the process faster and they keep this chronic intoxication alive.
  • The magnetic resonance with the contrast agents, which is used to highlighted the possible area with active lesions, is cause of the same symptoms of the multiple sclerosis disease, intoxicating the body with Gadolinium, heavy metal.
  • In order to avoid a new intoxication it’s fundamental to fill this gene lack easily integrable with pills. Here I presented them, Ultrathione 1000 and 500. They contain 4 times Glutathione level than a simple infusion. They are stabilized with Vitamin C, they are absorbed at 90% directly from white-cells after two hours from assumption, apart from not to contain any additives and preservatives. I assumed the Cellfood drops, which allow the tissue and body cells re-oxygenation. It has no side-effect, not like the ozonetherapy.
  • In order to ultimate my well-being I assumed the Methyl B12 spray. It allows to get high dosage of B12 that can support the regeneration of the neurons, preventing from demielinization and supporting re-mielinization.
  • The doctors with classic background are convinced that this Glutathione allele lack or in general this enzyme lack is not the provoking reason of this sick. The reason is really simple. From their words, it’s proved that the 30% of the people has the same lack, therefore not being the 30% of people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, this cannot be the cause. Instead I think that this Glutathione lack and therefore the aluminium intoxication, is a necessary condition, that is all the people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis are so seriously intoxicated, as some scientific studies have already demonstrated Elevated urinary excretion of aluminium and iron in multiple sclerosis (see 22.4 Other important references) and all the exams to all people I know with this pathology, the famous environmental cause!
  • Furthermore the aluminium intoxication is the cause of many other pathologies. I have the reasonable certainty to believe that the heavy metals intoxication is the cause of all the pathologies which are actually cured by drugs based on cortisone.

Now I’d like to show you how I am now… (in my blog you can find all the other pictures and movies!).

That’s me! Me…!!! blog.matteodallosso.org

And that’s me while I’m getting a detoxification infusion. I repeat: it’s not dangerous if you are followed by a doctor, which follows the ACAM association guide lines.