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What my friends think of me

Posted by on February 14, 2009 in friends

Here you can find what my friends think of me!

I know well that the fear to be tricked is so much, above all of who you don’t know personally, but I’m also sure of everything I told and proved you.

This website/book is the only possible way to let you know my truth, which is blocked from too many interests and from too much ignorance.

Please everyone who know me and who knew me to let a comment about me and a possible contact inside a comment box (email, Skype, AIM, MSN, and so on…).

If you know how to speak Italian, I’ll be really glad if you could also leave your comment here.

Thanks to everyone!

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By Luca Giovannini on March 2, 2009 at 4:10 pm

Matteo’s story is incredible.
Incredible what he, alone, has had to learn to be able, and thus free, to decide how he wanted his disease to be treated.. a current matter indeed, nowadays.
Incredible the way most of the doctors he has encountered have dealt with him. Surely not helping nor informing him correctly (or at least completely), but even trying to intimidate him.
Anyway, the most incredible fact in Matteo’s story is the extraordinary recovery in his physical condition during last two years. Recovery from almost a semi-paralysis to the actual normality, that we who know him have “touched with hand”.

Well, Matteo, what I wish to you is that what you have passed, what you have learned and suffered in the last years is just the beginning of the story of yours. And if you are able to help with this book even only one person among those who are suffering your own pains, then your story will be really extraordinary and finally you will be able to exclaim “We won!”.


By Petr on March 10, 2009 at 12:57 pm

На этом сайте представлена история, написанная моим приятелем Маттео Даль Оссо, о его борьбе с множественным склерозом. В итоге, он вышел из этой борьбы победителем и сейчас чувствует себя великолепно. Он подробно рассказывает о симптомах, лечении, врачах… Надеюсь, этот рассказ поможет кому-нибудь. К сожалению, автор не владеет русским языком и по его просьбе я делаю запись на своем родном языке.

С уважением,

what I’ve written in Russian in few words: “This is a story of my friend whose name is Matteo Dall’Osso, about his fight against the disease and about how he has won it….. Unfortunately, he does not know Russian and this is a reason why I decided to post my comments in my native language”

By Dan on January 10, 2010 at 5:23 am


Thank you for publishing your story. After reading your story, I realized that I was suffering from the same problems as you. It was aluminum that was killing me. Minor modifications to my diet and I am suddenly reborn! I am only beginning to detox but my improvements are very dramatic!

I want you know how your information has helped me and my family. I am the father of three and was desperately trying to figure out my problems without alarming my family or disclosing my condition at work. It was becoming impossible to hide it any longer.

My brother and 2 sisters also suffer from strange diseases that I see now may be linked. I am suspecting that like you, we are deficient in a way which allows aluminum and other toxins to accumulate. My brother has MS and also has a mysterious degeneration of hips.
My sister has Crohn’s disease. My Other sister has thryroid problems. Thanks to you, I will be helping them resolve these issues.

I will let you know how it goes.
We win again!

Thank You!

Clinton Township, Michigan, USA

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