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My interview in London about my Multiple Sclerosis!

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From the while char to the Italian Parliament!

My story: a little step against the skepticism…

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After being inside the fantastic world of science as "author" in the 2003 thanks to The University of Bologna with the publication: "Xpipes: a latency insensitive parameterized network-on-chip architecture for multiprocessor SoCs", that some years ago was the state of art , and today starting point for several applications, being present in the most modern electronic […]

My physiotherapy and my workout before going to work!

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Before going to work, before having breakfast, just waking up (at 6:15am). How starting the day in a good mood, jumping…! … and having said that what I’ve done and I’m doing it’s all on my own, for more details click here. A dear huge and… We win…! Matteo

Dolomites in We win…!

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After the re-stenonis in my both jugular veins and after a little setback, I’m back! Thanks to five infusions of cortisone and other four infusions of chelation terapy! Great…! We win…! Matteo

My restenosis and general reflections

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Hi everyone, two day after an interview (only italian) Italia7, I felt the first symptoms that warned me, in particular lack of sensibility in my feet and a lack of balance … So I decided to check with an EDC (Eco color Doppler) the status of my jugular veins 5 months after the liberation (medical […]

CCSVI: My liberation

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  On Fryday January 21st in Carrara Hospital I got the liberation made by Dr. Franco Sanguinetti and his medical staff. The liberation lasts about one hour and then I lied another hour on the post operation bed, even if I couldn’t wait to be on my foot… They operated both of my Jugular veins, […]

CCSVI: the confirmation!

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Hi everyone, on Friday 19th of November I got the EDC exam (ecocolordoppler) in order to find out if I got the CCSVI (Chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency) in the Gargano’s clinic in Naples, directed by Dr. Ciro Gargano. You can find below the examination result (italian only) that I’d like to comment with you… As […]

Book & Interviews

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04/18/2009: “We win, my story against the Multiple Sclerosis“, rev-1.04 03/10/2009: “We win, this is my story, by Matteo Dall’Osso“, rev-1.03 03/03/2009: “We win, this is my story, by Matteo Dall’Osso“, rev-1.01 02/01/2009: “We win, this is my story, by Matteo Dall’Osso“, rev-1.00

What my friends think of me

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Here you can find what my friends think of me! I know well that the fear to be tricked is so much, above all of who you don’t know personally, but I’m also sure of everything I told and proved you. This website/book is the only possible way to let you know my truth, which […]