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Just because I got through a luckily series of exceptional events, I ask you with all of my soul and heart not to pretend nothing happen! Now even you know my truth!

I am in! I am here! Therefore don’t hesitate to contact me in order to make me all the questions you want!

I need only a Saturday and Sunday, a couch and a sandwich and if I have the money for the travel I’ll go to you, without any doubts!

I guarantee I’ll make “somersault” and however this is just the beginning!

My email address is matteodallosso@gmail.com.
Instead here you can find two forums for your questions.
English Forum: http://groups.google.it/group/matteodallosso-english.
Italian Forum: http://groups.google.it/group/matteodallosso-italiano.

I don’t want you can think that behind me there is a commercial organization.
That’s me. That’s only me! And my story is all truth. My advices are from my experience and from all I have ever studied.

Get set, Go! After the Conclusions, Annex, References, My Thanks and after What my friends think of me with all of my enthusiasm I’m waiting for your questions!

Thanks so much for your time!

And now who knows if someone listen to me?