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21.1 Exam results

  • First magnetic resonance exam result:

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  • Liquor exam result:

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  • Second magnetic resonance exam result (08/11/2006 Study Report), you can download it in the download section.The exam was made with a Fast Spin Echo DP and T2 technique before and after the administration ev of mdc paramagnetic; some oriented sequences according to an axial floor with sections of 5 mm width were shot. The exam has been compared with the previous one made in another location in 05th of June 1997. As far as possible the comparison evaluation with the different technique between these two exams, today it’s documented a bigger clear increase of the lesion load for the appearance of a lot new focal area with iperintesity in the sequences with long localized in bilateral hemispheric side, in both the posterior medium cerebral spaces with floor level of the IV ventricular, mesencephalic located, in the right cerebral space, at right talamo-capsulare, bilateral periventricolar and in both the semioval centres. Basically the ventricolar system dimension and the subaracnoidei spaces are the same. After a somministration of ev made of gadolinio, it’s documented two lesions with nodular enhancement in temporal periventricolar site and in the left semioval centre. Conclusion: the exams has documented a clear worst picture and the precence of two lesions with “activity” action.
  • Third magnetic resonance exam result (02/14/2007 Study Report),you can download it in the download section.Inspection reason: iconographic check referring to multiple sclerosis. The exam was made in base condition and after the administration of mdc paramagnetic with multiplanar and multiparametric acquisitions included T2 and T1 sequences and FLAIR sequence. The comparison base is the previously exam which was got on the 11st of August 2006.Comparing with previously control a lesion hotbed seems to be present. It seems to be recognizable corresponding the right medium space cerebral. Active lesions are not present. No collateral problem.
  • Fourth magnetic resonance exam result (05/28/2007 Study Report),you can download it in the download section.Respect with the previous exam, which was got in another location on the 14 of February, new demielinization lesions are observed, diffused to both cerebral, cerebellar and truck hemispheric. That with major dimension are in the left semi oval centre in front-base homolateral site; after Gadolinium administration they show a “cercine” absorption. Others littler, which show a points source pathologic absorption, are focused in the right front cortical, bilateral radial crown, specifically to the left and multiple perigonal to the right.No meaningful changes to the other finds.
21.2 Hospitalization in July 2006

Reacutization of multiple sclerosis diagnosis

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Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis diagnosis

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I report in this paragraph the correspondence by email between me and the San Raffaele doctors following my decision not to keep going the immunosopression cure by Mitoxantrone.
From me to dott. ¦¦¦¦¦ Jan 5, 2007 1:14 PM

Good Morning ¦¦¦¦¦, how are you? I’m quite fine, now I’m at work and I have just 5 free minutes, before keep going after the lunch break. I’m writing you this email because I had no possibility to reach Doctor ¦¦¦¦¦, by phone, I tried several times to contact him this morning, after hearing his message in my answering service.Therefore I have the possibility to inform you too, if you can also forward this email to him you’ll make me a big favour.

For which reason I write you: as far as you know, and if you don’t remember there is no problem, this Monday I should get a Mitoxantrone infusion. Now I’m telling you “I should” because it’s my precise intention not to keep going such cure. Now I know that you think that the merit of my improvement is in the cure you have prescribed me and I would like REALLY to let you understand that I don’t want absolutely to put your professionalism into question. You shouldn’t be regarded the best in the world. Since several time I felt these sensations and I can’t ignore them. These sensations are more than motivated from some facts I CAN’T absolutely ignore anymore.

My body was really strong intoxicated from heavy metals and I know well that they are not at the origin of plaque, but after being detoxificated (and other 3 months miss), I resumed to do a lot of things, which before were only a dream! For example: I write on the keyboard WITHOUT seeing the buttons, I don’t loose my equilibrium anymore, I feel I’m physically reborn and these changes exactly the day after I’ve got the EDTA infusion, which I have to get once every 2 weeks as protocol. I couldn’t believe it neither me, even if in realty I hoped it. Furthermore I follow other cures, really natural which gave me more élan vital and strength. Therefore I know that in this moment I’m renouncing at an “occasion” or at an “opportunity”, but I prey you to believe me when I tell you that it’s not my UNMOTIVATED choice and I know you would make EVERYTHING in order to let sick people stay well. I feel only this is not my road. And in any case I’ll keep ALWAYS under control in order to realize if things get worst, for example on the 14 of February I’ll get a magnetic resonance. AND I’D LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE (and still doing) FOR ME,

I hope you could understand me, thanks with my heart,


From dott. ¦¦¦¦¦ to me Jan 9, 2007 1:38 PM

Matteo, I’ve read your email only today. I’m happy you feel good. But sure you’re a good foolish!

You’re obviously free to do whatever you want of your body and of your disease. I have no any prejudice, I have no blind faith in my science, which leaves unsolved too many problems, and I studied everything, and I tell everything, I think it could be potentially relevant in my field, from quantistic physic to acupuncture. I have nothing against EDTA and in fact I won’t tell anything against your choice to do it, but you don’t carry out one argument, only one argument, to suspend the Mitoxantrone cycle. “I feel this is not my road” is an empty affirmation, full only of an empty suggestion, it seems it’s taken from an adolescent diary, and not from an adult who is engaged with a serious problem. Couldn’t simply get both of them? Moreover it will be finished, you can’t get more than tenth cycles. On the contrary, the efficacy of only two cycles is really too limited on long period. Therefore you got the dumbed to start, taking the risks (in realty low) and not the benefits. Frankly speaking it seems it has no meaning. Unfortunately you’ve already jumped nothing so terrible, you could repair it. What I’ve never understood in patients who choose an unconventional medicine (and sometimes even the doctors who administer them) is the antagonist spirit against the evidence based medicine. And in fact they are defined alternative, while maybe the medicines, all the medicines are simply complementary. You renounce at a therapy which is effective proved (it means that in a check study, hundred of patients has shown benefits if compared with not checked patients) and you do it without adducing any reason, have courage to tell it to you. Maybe you like being out of the schemes, maybe you think if you cure yourself in an anomalous way even your disease will be anomalous. The magnetic resonance on the 14th won’t show any surprise, the Mitox will have switched off what was active, if it was. But the lesion load will be the same and every switched off lesion will work in the shadow generating a new degeneration. Don’t thanks me when you are back in ten years asking for further cures, treated really badly than today, I won’t be glad at all and I will regret not to found the right words to let you get the little sure things, not miraculous but with sure effect.

You think to be right but you are a foolish, Matteo, I’m sorry but that’s my opinion. A nice foolish but foolish. At least do the physiotherapy, do it as much as you can, play less with computer and with the virtual reality, go out to live the real life, and who knows that a gumption woman let you put your feet on the floor. Now I have to tell you the last thing, really serious. Do all the advertising you want about EDTA, but don’t disappoint me to find out that you dispense suggestion to others against the therapy of the scientific medicine. There are too many people who have MS and they have really no instruments, even only cultural, to make fully aware choices. You are free to close your balls in a drawer, if you like it, don’t get the Mitox, to cure or not to cure yourself as you want, but you can’t extrapolate to others your experience, even not compared with who saw thousand cases. Even yours, in a lot of directions, is a movie which has already seen. However I’d like if you could surprise me changing idea, privilege which is only in the smart people and with sufficient intellective humility.

An embrace, ¦¦¦¦¦

From me to dott ¦¦¦¦¦ Jan 9, 2007 4:04 PM

Dear ¦¦¦¦¦,

thank you for your ready answer. I admit that about a lot of things you are right.

  • Am I dumb? Yes I am.
  • Am I a nice foolish? Certainly I am foolish, nice only sometimes.
  • Am I an eternal adolescent? Yes I am, and I like it.
  • Maybe do you like to be out of scheme?” No, I like the schemes, but I like to solve them.

Granted that I would like to solve you this little problem:

  • “What I’ve never understood in patients who choose an unconventional medicine is the antagonist spirit against the evidence based medicine.”?

I confirm that there is a little antagonism, maybe because I DON’T want to give up and instead “playing” in defence we like to play in “attack”.

Also for me the medicines are simply complementary, like for ALL the civilised doctors, I think.

What motivates me not to believe in “you” anymore it’s that only after 3 infusions of EDTA (no side effects, made official by minister of health) I resumed to do ALL the things I made before. I walk without loosing my equilibrium, I see well, I move the left hand again. And for what? Why didn’t you get me this exams at SR? I spent there 1 month?

I felt all these effects, which are not a miraculous , the day after! I went to work and after 20 minutes I realized that I lived a nightmare and I was writing with 2 hands without seeing. Or like when I ate in lunch break, before I had to remain leaded on the rail in line not to fall down and now I am able to run up on the steps and walk really fast going down.

Gee whiz, even if it’s made from “speculator” (not every one, only the “boss”) they are always doctors (I refer to the German doctors) which made me this diagnosis , after TRUE proved.

  • You renounce at a therapy which is effective proved (it means that in a check study, hundred of patients has shown benefits if compared with not checked patients) and you do it without adducing any reason, have courage to tell it to you.

“This procedure effective proved” gave me some “interruptions” to my heart. What does it mean? It means that suddenly after getting the Mitox infusion I felt that for a second my heart stopped beating (and this until two weeks after) all two times. Difficult sensation to describe. Now this sensation is gone and it doesn’t happen again (2 months are gone from the last one). And then I think: and if at the end I get 10 of them? Now I resume to jump again. Now I’m able to stay on one foot for 4 minutes and half at my right, two months ago 10 seconds, 2 minutes for my left foot and always the day after getting EDTA infusion.

And then I wonder why I had to suffer so much this summer, when it was sufficient so little. And I prey not to believe they are ONLY suggestions of a “adolescent kid”, because it’s NOT like that.

My work carries me to be more cynic and pragmatic and NOBODY is more clear-headed than me in this moment.

I could describe you the electron trajectory inside a cathode-ray tube with a differential equation system. I was 16 when my institute selected me on 2000 guys in order to participate at chemical games and I was 21 when I got the first 30/30 at the university. I was 24 when I got a MarieCurie fellowship as a abroad researcher.

Then “the king” comes to me to tell to my parents that I’m not able to understand anymore. What? And then? How is it possible? Could anybody understand me? Am I the only one who got this kind of things?

Then it happens that at SR I met a lot of people who got my same disease, obviously we shared our opinions and our experiences and in any case there is something similar. Glutathione lack in some cases, exams made in Pisa, which made me rethink of me and of them!

Obviously we see each other again, even recently it happened. And they looked at me while I laughed, jumped, I enjoyed myself, danced in the club as a crazy boy. Do you remember what my conditions were, don’t you? I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t move the hand, I couldn’t see at right.

And then how I can ignore my sensations, the one who motivated me to find out one of few serious doctor, who works not for money and who knows a lot about EDTA (because the 99% of doctors are wrong when they use it), who DOESN’T ABSOLUTELY tell me not to get Mitox, he just asked me to do what I felt. And the other guys (OBVIUOSLY WITHOUT giving up the official medicine) got the same exams which I got. Result? We were all intoxicated from Aluminium (who 3 times the maximum limit, who 5 times), some traces of Mercury and a little of Lead, nearly nothing Cadmi (even if the cigarettes inhibit my breath).

And all of them got the same benefic effects that I got. And so am I the only one?

I know well the story of guys who were detoxicated from Aluminium and now they are sitting on the wheelchair, but they didn’t follow what I’ve been getting, therefore these examples loose them values. And how do I believe that my beating heart is not to underestimate? And I think this doctor is the book co-author of the book I gave you, he cures the children who suffer from Autism (Mercury intoxication).

And then there is A LOT MORE I’d like to tell you, but I DON’T want to abuse your time and your passion who made of you a big!

Maybe it doesn’t get you any effect, but of all doctors I met, you are the unic one who has a place in my heart. I’d like to talk with you about all the rest of things (REALLY IMPORTANT!), but in reality I’m “a little bit tired” to not to be heard and so I start answering in evasive way, as in my previous email.

You know that I love you and I thank you for EVERYTHING.


PS: I think today I’m gonna have the overwork… 🙂

a dear embrace,


From dott. ¦¦¦¦¦ to me Jan 9, 2007 5:16 PM


I’m gonna be laconic otherwise we start an long romance:

  • if I thought you are not lucid I would not waste my time to write you
  • the same if I thought you were a kid, I’m not your father.
  • you are able to solve the differential equation, anyway you go on to escape from any principle you use in your work: if a driver arrived to you telling you that when he fills the tank with the ¦¦¦¦¦ oil, the engine gives him a “strange sensation” and therefore he doesn’t want to use it anymore, you would answer him that every his colleague and nobody laments. If he insisted on it, you would ask him to let examine the engine in order to prove it works fine, if after the inspection well done, he insisted again, you would call the psychologist informing the FFSS (the main company) of his driver who got an malaise problem. That’s you case, during the Mitox therapy you were under hearth controls and what you have been getting were perfected. Prove me that you get something different from a sensation! Otherwise yours is a comfortable position of who enunciates something which is unprovable and therefore incontrovertible.

You won’t succeed to let me tell you something against EDTA (W EDTA if it lets you stay well!), I have my idea, therefore I think your motivations for the suspension are insubstantial and they are the result of an opposite attitude. In few words, you have prejudice. Maybe it’s due to the head physician who is without sensibility. ¦¦¦¦¦ is a great man and he doesn’t deserve to be get rid of that.

Anyway my decision is not the challenge. I don’t know what you have to prove and to who, but I just know that for my experience you’re going to pay it, as you’ve already paid and I’m disappointed.

I haven’t ever seen your not nice character, it will happen. But who knows if the dumb are gonna away? Bye

From me to dott. ¦¦¦¦¦ Jan 10, 2007 10:40 AM

Dear ¦¦¦¦¦,

the same with the long romance.

  • Prove me that you get something different from a sensation! Otherwise yours is a comfortable position of who enunciates something which is unprovable and therefore incontrovertible.

I’ll get the exam, and if it’s ok (and it will because now I don’t feel the problems anymore) I can’t renounce to follow my sensation and my intuition (I also know that it’s unprovable).

Sometimes I wonder what the SR doctors are looking for? A way to understand what the disease origin is (and maybe it will be unsolved problem for all your life), or the less invade way to help people like me?

Then I read this file, who was sent to me from another researcher who got the MS and how can I don’t think about it? How I can not to think that if I was not me now I can’t move my hand, can’t dance in the club, can’t to stop the dizziness. And the SR doctors plays with our fears, as “the king”, who has exploited my disease to let be trusted by my parents. I’ve got the first Mitox infusion because I had no alternatives. Do you remember “the king” word, because I DON’T forget them:“Or you get so or this is the door and the doctors won’t ever be interested in him”. And which kind of impact can be a sentence like that on 2 parents who has no way to understand. I’ll tell you.

After the first Mitox infusion I’ve been off for one week, apart hearth problem.

Physically I was definitely down! I’ve got 3 blood exams. They are not lethal, but the thought to go to check something which is made on the trust of people who didn’t try ALL the possible ways before engraving so much my life is REAL strong.

Then you reborn after 3 EDTA infusions, REBORN,and I repeat, after 3!

And then you decide not to get Mitox anymore. Decide not to get the second Mitox infusion and your parents go to the Carabinieri (local military police) to denounce me as “mind insane”.

And then in order not to give this displeasure to the people who gave you all their possible love, you decide to get the second Mitox infusion, even because you have been living under THEIR roof!

And the routine is repeated. KO week, heart and blood exams.

Since I was reborn I rented an apartment, I painted it (obviously with a 100% natural paint, I can even breath inside, being tricked once is ok, twice no!) and I furnished building the ¦¦¦¦¦ furniture alone. You should see it! And everything with the money I earned working. AND ALL ALONE!

Go living alone!

Then the day you have to get the third Mitox infusion comes.

What had I to do? If not the choice I’ve ever made? And the question is: if instead 10 Cortisone infusion and 2 Mitox infusion I immediately got the EDTA? Maybe I could avoid the 2 Mitox infusions. And so I talk to the people who said that what is important is the serenity of people and the quality of life. I’ve been gone trough nearly 10 years with Multiple Sclerosis and I’d like to “challenge” you to tell me “which accumulate disabilities” I got. For the moment Mitox is enough! I’m nice dumb, but I’m lucky not to be scared of the disease, which has been living with me since 10 years. Clearly if I were you or in ¦¦¦¦¦ I’d try to let me think of my “future” in any manner. But I have to think before at my “present”. And my “present” tells me all these things. Obviously I didn’t get rid of ¦¦¦¦¦, reading in his heart I read the same passion I read in yours and I pray you to let him read my emails too. But even in my heart there is a passion and an EXTRAORDINARY willing of life and of winning.

Mine is not a prior decision about Mitox, it’s at the moment. For the moment my life goes on REALLY positive. Obviously the physiotherapy is my second home, and apart running for the rest I’ve resumed ALL.

  • I don’t know what you have to prove and to who, but I just know that for my experience you’re going to pay it, as you’ve already paid and I’m disappointed.

I answer you with your affirmation: “Prove me that you get something different from a sensation! Otherwise yours is a comfortable position of who enunciates something which is unprovable and therefore incontrovertible.” In any case I’ll pay it, I choose the one which gets me well now.

I choose to stay well today, hoping staying well even tomorrow.

A dear embrace, Matteo.

From dott. ¦¦¦¦¦ to me Jan 10, 2007 2:32 PM

Dear Matteo,

I answer you too considering that ¦¦¦¦¦ let me know about this correspondence. I’m embittered, because I thought the words of two serious people like ¦¦¦¦¦ and me could let you help to understand, even if not convinced, about your health.

I’m also worried for your health because you cannot effort to waste time and get the cure in late which is fundamental, holding your present clinical condition.

The alternative cures, which you’re getting, can be absolutely a subjective benefit, but THERE IS NO ANY SCIENTIFICAL DIMONSTRATION WHICH RETARDS THE DISEASE PROGRESSION OR WHICH SWITCHED OFF THE INFLAME ACTIVITIES(*). The magnetic resonance of the brain, which you’ll get, if not showing activity lesion, it will be only thanks to 2 Mitoxantrone cycles which some wise people suggested to you.
Allow me an example. If I have to build an house, I know what I need. I have to trust of an engineer and workers who help me in my project. I can’t build it alone. I can choose between some available engineers and my choice is based on their seriousness, on what other people say about them, and on the sensation they give you. I believe you are trying to build an house, but you are trusting of wrong people and not in who try to give you more guarantees.

I would like to allow myself to tell you that me and even ¦¦¦¦¦, who I know really well, are, from a human point of view, every day confronting with a lot of questions and we effort critical difficulties to suggest painful therapy to patients like you. If we did it, it’s because it’s absolutely necessary.

I end wishing you a good luck. Doctor-patient has to trust each other and in our case it’s not like that anymore. ¦¦¦¦¦

(*) Personal note: see “Elevated urinary excretion of aluminium and iron in multiple sclerosis.”, Keele University 17 febbraio 2006

From Me to dott ¦¦¦¦¦ Jan 12, 2007 8:43 AM

Dear ¦¦¦¦¦,

thanks being so explicit in the email and I’m sorry for the “late” of my answer, I refected a lot. Surely this is a complex problem and comparing with complicated problems, the first one has no a unambiguous solution. Therefore I don’t believe I could talk about a conclusion, at least not for me. What I can tell is about a decision which I reached with time and being lucid with moderation.The truth is that we think different, both of the disease origin, on the course and on the cure. Therefore I need time to reflect and you were REALLY right to be so explicit with me.I perfectly remember the words of the doctor ¦¦¦¦¦, which is considered from you a person who cure with science and conscience: “Don’t worry, you’ll be tread for what you have”.

And I can’t not to ascertain that it was NOT like that or at least in complete way. And luckily I thought by myself.

And then if I think again to your director words, my nearly certainty about “your” closing mind become nearly reality, I don’t speak about you directly!

Considering that you don’t believe to what international important Doctors said I would like to suggest you to chat or to visit the Prof.

I know well that you and ¦¦¦¦¦ love me and YOU CAN’T IMAGINE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU! .But at the moment I “need” time. That’s all. And in any way I can’t not to ascertain “your” absolutely “close mind” (clearly I don’t refer to you directly!). As much as it appears, you don’t close every open port to EDTA, but only not to interrupt your cure.

I perfectly remember the words of the doctor ¦¦¦¦¦, which is considered from you a person who cure with science and conscience: “Don’t worry, you’ll be tread for what you have”.

And I can’t not to ascertain that it was NOT like that or at least in complete way. And luckily I thought by myself.

And then if I think again to your director words, my nearly certainty about “your” closing mind become nearly reality, I don’t speak about you directly!

Considering that you don’t believe to what international important Doctors said I would like to suggest you to chat or to visit the Prof ¦¦¦¦¦ website, who is CNR researcher from Padova about neurological damages from Aluminium. And you didn’t reply to me about “my right” question why you DIDN’T GET ME an exam to know my metal dosage during a month I spent in hospital. The toxic metals definition doesn’t leave any interpretation of their potential dangerous!!

I got other opinions from other people in international field and for this reason I’m confused. Aside from the love which feel each other, luckily I followed their suggestions, but above all my instinct. Even if I agree with ¦¦¦¦¦ that the therapy can be simply complementary.

I don’t know what to think, which pain is the lowest. I recognize that between 2 Mitox infusions (which I’ve willy-nilly already got) or getting 3 it WON’T change so much, or at least I think. But then certainly going on it will change! Therefore I’m hypothesizing to get the third and LAST Mitox infusion, ONLY FOR THE LOVE YOU WANT ME! I cannot before Thursday to be free.

Therefore I would ask you to chat with this CNR researcher and now I’m asking you not to have any prejudice: Prof. ¦¦¦¦¦ I also recognize a “viral” origin. But I’m moving in other ways that I can guarantee to be “state of art” and not dangerous for health. But I’m scared to talk with you if you couldn’t even accept what I’m trying to let you understand since more than 5 months.

Thanks for the good luck! Could you let me know if it is possible on Thursday, I’m not 100% sure to do it, maybe from today until Thursday I’ll change my idea. I don’t know. I’m confused. And confusion generates fear. And it’s a FEAR I REALLY CAN’T describe.

My conclusions are that I thank you even only for the love you want me! THANKS SO MUCH GUYS! THANKS WITH MY HEART! REALLY THANKS!


PS: this is just a paper I read on the web. How cannot I give it the right importance, after what I’ve lived?

From dott. ¦¦¦¦¦ to me Jan 12, 2007 2:21 PM

Dear Matteo,

I talked to the nurse ¦¦¦¦¦, who said to me to contact her dialling the number you already know (¦¦¦¦¦) in order to arrange a new appointment for the Mitoxantrone therapy.


21.5 Email attachment

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of civilized man, and, like many other diseases of our modern age, it is a disease of an overactive and misdirected immune system. The specific reasons for this are unclear, but a prominent theory relates heavy metals like mercury, lead and aluminum as the agents that might replace normal molecules in the myelin sheaths, leading to an onslaught of free radical damage which destroys the myelin sheaths, resulting in MS. In addition, the immune system now sees this tissue as foreign, because of the replacement of heavy metals, and produces antibodies which attack the myelin, leading to further damage.

The toxic effects of heavy metals and chemicals are increasingly being recognized by the medical profession as the root cause underlying much of mankind’s suffering. The December 1992 issue of The American Family Physician, published by the American Academy of Family Physicians, devoted an entire article to the signs, symptoms and causes of mercury toxicity, and also recommended chelation therapy as the treatment of choice for this affliction. In January 1993, the journal spoke of the ill effects of lead toxicity and recommended chelation therapy for this problem as well. Both mercury and lead can inflict terrible damage upon any tissue.

Just how do mercury and lead damage our bodies? We find the answer to this question easier to understand by thinking of an analogy. Let us see our body as if it were a building. Buildings are made of materials such as wood, concrete, plaster, drywall, etc. The materials which make up the form of the building are held together by nails, bolts, screws and rivets. All buildings are designed according to a plan or blueprint. They need to be carefully assembled. Their form and their function are intertwined. If the form of a building is damaged in any way, its function or performance is, of course, altered. Just as the building materials for a house must be carefully and intelligently put together in the right way, in the right order, and with the proper building tools, so it is with living structures. Our body is no exception. Electrons are the binding materials holding molecules together. They are the rivets, bolts, nails, and screws of the body. Electrons are usually intended to be in pairs as they whiz around the outside of atoms and give stability to the form of the atom or molecule. When for any reason these paired electrons become separated, the molecule is damaged. These damaged molecules are called “free radicals” and are highly reactive, attacking cellular structures to greedily grab electrons in order to become paired again. Usually there are ample free electrons in the vicinity to satisfy the demands of the free radicals, but when the level of free radicals increases beyond a certain point, the cellular protective electron-donating mechanisms, which usually keep these molecules in check, is exceeded. When that happens, great numbers of these free radicals or, in our analogy, terrorists’ bullets, are unleashed, all greedily looking for electrons wherever they can be found. So, when heavy metals are in body tissues, there is free radical destructive activity going on constantly. Rapid aging and degeneration are the results.

The central nervous system (CNS) is the most delicate and ordered of all our systems and, as such, is the system most susceptible to damage. In our analogy, the CNS is something like the electrical system of a building. It is sobering to realize that the CNS acts like a drainage sink for these metals. Since MS is a disorder affecting nerve cells, it only makes sense that there may be a connection between heavy metal toxicity causing free radical damage in the CNS and MS.

Our fragile CNS is usually protected from invasion from outside offenders by an efficient, effective barricade known as the blood-brain barrier. Unfortunately, this barrier does not protect us from substances which were intended to be left deep within the depths of the earth in an ore called cinnabar. Mercury and lead, when inhaled or ingested into our bodies, are absorbed into the blood stream and easily cross over the blood-brain barrier to be distributed throughout precious neurological tissue.

Mercury is a Universal Poison. Mercury toxicity can cause nearly every disorder known to man. Infants born to women who had ingested flour made from grain treated with a mercury-based fungicide had brain damage manifested by mental retardation, deafness, blindness, and cerebral palsy. Mercury ingestion leads to delayed CNS symptoms which may not manifest until months after the initial exposure. Early symptoms, according to the American Family Physician article, are often non-specific, such as fatigue, blurred vision, hearing loss, ataxia (unsteadiness of gait), parasthesias (sensations of pricking, tingling, or creeping on the skin), malaise (tiredness or fatigue), and impaired taste or smell. There may also be CNS signs and symptoms including psychological changes, insomnia, loss of appetite, excessive shyness, emotional instability, irritability, depression, headache, and short-term memory loss. Tremor is characteristic of xposure. Tics of various sorts and limb weakness can also be mercury related. Sound like MS?

Although the cause of MS is unknown, some conventional explanations include the viral theory. But a virus doesn’t stand a chance of entering our cells if our cells are strong and healthy. Viruses are, in reality, rather puny opportunistic “seeds” and only enter cells that are weakened and defenseless. The deeper question is: Why are previously healthy cells becoming unhealthy? Once the underlying cause or causes for unhealthy cells is known, we can get to the root of the problem. Simply stated, if we can make cells healthy again, there will be no MS. Because heavy metals can enter into delicate nervous tissue and cause damage, a therapy aimed at removing the cause for the damage would be beneficial. That therapy is known as chelation therapy. What is chelation therapy anyway? Chelation is the way that reactive metals with electrons spinning around them are put in “cages” called chelating structures so that they can be carried here and there and not react with one another. If they go too close to delicate living structures they might react with them and damage them. Hemoglobin, myoglobin, chlorophyll, aspirin, penicillin, etc., are common chelators. Physical life as we know it could not exist without chelation. Chelation therapy infuses into the blood stream a claw-like molecule (“chele” means claw) called EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid) as well asher types which enclose and secure a heavy metal atom, so it can then be taken safely out of the body in urine, stool, or sweat. Chelation used in this way is a process of detoxification.

Very often the heavy metals that caused this neurological process have also caused damage to other organ systems leading to a “multisymptom diagnostic dilemma” (chronic illness) with free radical damage that is diffuse and in need of repair. In order to help this individual’s body to heal, it is necessary to remove the “burdens” like the heavy metals, chemicals and any occult infections that may be present. Nutritional insufficiencies are also a major factor in any chronic illness.

In summary, figure out what the “burdens” are in the multiple sclerosis patient and you are on your way to healing the body.