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To all the sick people, to the sick people relatives, to all the people who daily have fighted, fight and will fight again this disease.

Sorry if now I’ll take it from so far away…
First of all thanks to my teachers from secondary school in Granarolo (BO), in particular Begnardi and Carbonaro: thanks to gave me the passion for studying. Thanks to Istituto Tecnico Aldini Valeriani (BO). In particular two name: Giometti and Guazzaloca: thanks for teaching with so much passion.

Then I’d like to thanks all the professors from engineer faculty of Bologna: Ferri, Rudan, Baccarani, Barozzi, Calzolari, Filicori, Guerrieri, Benini. Finally Davide Bertozzi, , thanks for believing in me! Thanks to all the people who helped me in Germany, in particular three names: Siebenborn, Bringmann, Rosenstiel. Thanks with my heart!

A particular thanks goes to Milena Gabanelli and her programme Report. Thanks to you in 2003 everything started. Thanks a lot! A genuine thanks to Riccardo and Elena, for your totally availability to explain your story. Thanks with my heart!

Ilaria, congratulation for your marriage! A dear greetings to Vittorio, Grazia and Luca. Maria, you know that I love you so much, don’t you? Thanks to all my friends who, until few years ago, didn’t know anything, thanks guys! Thanks with all of my heart! I love you! A particular thanks goes to five great friends: Gianluca (www.biccari.com), Lisa, Tito (www.titocosta.com), Giampaolo (www.gdambra.com) and Eleonora. Thanks! All the people who have been working with me: thanks for your support. This is my truth! A particular thanks to Pes, Paniga, Russo, Farris, Bittelli, Barbacini, Bellini, Attanasi, Falco, Ferraro, Nannicini (www.stefanonannicini.com), Zorzi, Giovannini, Rizzo, Giovannucci, Ferrante, Aisa, Campedelli, Damiano, and all the guys from Team Alstom (www.alstom.com).

Katia, dear sweety… When I think of you, no more words. I simply adore you!

A special thanks goes to all my uncles, aunts, cousins, from Sesto Imolese (BO), a really lovely town! Thanks so much! I’d like to thanks my brother Simone and my parents probably they didn’t understand yet and maybe they won’t ever understand… They stayed so bad, maybe worst than me. To their a sincere thanks!

Finally I’d like to dedicate this victory to some really unique people who have never met me. They have always been in my life and thanks to them I got lost in laugh and in music. Before with Ambaradan then with Tutto Esaurito. You have never felt me alone even when I was alone. You are able to create a magic atmosphere made of songs, laughs and dreams! Thanks to Betta Bettina! Thanks to DJ Liuzzi (alias Cicciopuzzo)! Thanks to Pizza! … and … and … Thanks to our captain! Thanks Marco Galli!
I dedicate it to you! We win captain Marco! Tutto Esaurito è il mio programma preferitooo! A colaziooone!!!

Thanks to everybody for reading until here! THANKS WITH MY HEART! THANKS! (I’m so happy that every time I read these lines, I laugh with tears in my eyes!!!)