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Hi everyone!

My name is Matteo Dall’Osso.. I’m 30, I was born on the 18th of may 1978. I’ve always been an happy and carefree kid. I practiced a lot of sports: swim, football, motorbike, martial arts. I’ve never been stopped myself and my parents loved me more than their souls!

My passion has always been electronic and so I graduated high school as electronic and telecommunication technician (with 58/60 marks).. After that I decided to attend the University and I took my degree in may 2003 (the oldest University in Europe ).
I was 24 and I was graduated with 93/100. Could you imagine my happiness? The only one of my family who got a degree!!!

I worked on the master thesis with the best “minds” and thanks to this hard task I got a Marie Curie Europe fellowship (www.mariecurie.org) in order to work in Germany, in a research international centre (www.fzi.de/sim/eng/mitarbeiter.php).

Then I came back in Italy to sign a special Italian contract who let me allowed not to attend the military service, then I changed company twice, until today who I’ve been working as a system and hardware designer for company which is involved in train projects.

If you read until this you likely wonder: “What’s strange”?

Well, here my true story begins…

In the 1997, when I was 19 and I was attending the last year of my high school, I had the first symptoms of really serious disease.

My problems began with my seeing: I saw everything twice. Therefore I went to a lot of doctors and they said that the problem was not of my seeing and so I was visited by a neurologist. A little later I had other problems: no more skin sensibility, no more superior limb coordination, no more equilibrium, I couldn’t also run. All these problems came contemporarily or individually. They had only one common characteristic: they came without forewarn. In this time I was attending the University and for example after I passed a writing exam I couldn’t pass the oral exam because I couldn’t coordinate my right hand in order to keep the chalk in my hand (one of a lot). Every time something happened I went to this doctor to let me cure. In the 1998 they diagnosed me that I had multiple sclerosis. When these kind of symptoms were present, most of the time, the doctors cured me with infusions of cortisone. Fortunately (or maybe for merit) I’ve never be rejected nether to a writing or to an oral exam. Result: I got my electronic engineer degree when I was 24, even if I kept my health notices reserved and private. Thanks to my hard thesis work (8 full time months) I had the opportunity to work like researcher in Germany.

Obviously I had a lot of fever, even because I didn’t know how to speak a single word in German: luckily in this research center I could speak English, but when I reached Germany I had to attend a German course in order to talk with friends… In 2002, so one year before going to Germany, I saw Report a program on the Italian TV (Rai3) where a journalist interviewed one German doctor who said that the amalgams in teeth could cause the same problems.

(Excuse me one second: thanks Report, thanks Milena Gabanelli, with all of my hearth, thanks!!! Everything started from you!)

After 4 months I was in Germany, reminding what this TV program Report explained about amalgam, I got in touch with this doctor.
I went to him who visited my mouth and explained me that these kind of fillings made of amalgam made worse my health conditions day by day (after you’ll understand why!!!). In 2 months he substituted the amalgams with ceramic fillings (also here I’ll explain all the explanations) and he took me one devitalized tooth off. Unbelievable: since that day I immediately felt so good. Therefore I thought that the amalgam fillings were the origin of my disease. I was wrong (after you’ll understand why!!!). After this experience I came back in Italy and I worked in Bologna for 2 years with a special Italian contract, as a product engineer designer… But passing of time really slowly the same problems came back. When I say “really slowly” I mean that day by day I couldn’t notice anything but if I thought of my health conditions 3 months before I realized something was different. I was convinced I was on the right way to understand what could cause my illness, but I’ve always stayed worst! I felt more and more tired, I feel dizziness, I couldn’t walk fine. Therefore I took one “free” month from my work and I went back to Germany. I left alone by train and I’d like to let you notice that: I didn’t see from my left eye, I didn’t coordinate my left hand movements, I walked really bad, I lost my equilibrium, and so on… But I didn’t tell the truth to anybody, even to my parents who were of course in deep depression.
I talked a lot with a doctor in their team. She suggested me to get some particular blood exams. Result: I found out a lot of things even if the truth was still so far. Then thanks to a special person who I met after an infinite sufferance, which I’ll describe in the next chapters, I could understand everything and transform my dreams in reality. Now I feel so good! Even when I was 17 I’ve never been so well! Now I’m describing and proving everything!

In order to simplify your reading all my personal and private notes will be underline using this style, that is with yellow background. I think it’s important that you can connect all the events which happened to me.
  • Instead with this style you’ll find the summery with the main points of my story.

Let’s start describing my clinic history…