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Now I’d like to describe some products which, I think, are the best and which I personally tried.
I report here the technical descriptions for which, I think, these products are better than the others.

15.1 Ultrathione 1000 and 500

How did it happen that my organism was so intoxicated from heavy metals?

All this is due to the association between my gene lack of a Glutathione allele (even if it’s only a part of a gene) and the atmospheric pollution, paints (aluminium and lead), amalgams and vaccines (mercury), aspirins, varied cans, pots, biscuits and so on … (aluminium) and, even if I don’t smoke, the passive cigarette smoke (cadmi) are equals to heavy metal intoxication.
The famous environment reason?

Both me and all the other my dear friends with MS were really intoxicated so bad. Therefore the spontaneous question is: do have I to get these infusions all my life?

In other words, when I’m detoxificated how can I be like that all my life?

Simple: integrate this gene lack with “something” which contains the enzyme associated to it.

And now I’d like to describe the different possible alternatives:

  • Through infusions: every infusion contains 250 mg of Glutathione, but it can not be made every day (I got them in Italy and in Germany). In Italy it costs 100E per infusion once a week… Too scarce the Glutathione quantity and too high the price…
  • There are common pills: they contain a reduced quantitative of Glutathione, less than 50 mg, and if you think that the pills are assimilated for a percentage which is inferior than 10%, you understand that the quantitative is really reduced, even worst!
  • There is also the third possibility: a pharmaceutical house in Us (NY) sells pills called Ultrathione 1000 Sport and Ultrathione 500. They are stabilized with Vitamin C and therefore for this reason solvents, food colouring are not used. More also they are stabilized with Vitamin C, with a procedure under patent. For this reason this Glutathione goes inside directly into the white-cells and it’s assimilated from the body with a percentage which is major than 90% within 2 hours from the assumption. The synthesis method has been patented, therefore it’s not possible to get similar pills of different name somewhere else. Ultrathione 1000 Sport contains 1000 mg of glutathione that is the equivalent to 4 infusions. The body absorbs it all! You can get it on medical prescription without side effects!!!
    This is the link to the website: www.glutathionescience.com.
    A single Ultrathione 1000 blister contains 4 little pills.

    • 2 pills of Glutathione 500
    • 1 pill of vitamin B and C
    • 1 pill of vitamin E

Now do you wonder when you have to get these pills?

When I started the chelation therapy, it was important to integrate vitamins and minerals, which during the chelation were “teared out” and to “even out” the bills with Glutathione. In 4 chelation months I got 4 Ultrathione 1000 Sport packs: every pack contains 31 blisters and it costs about $50. A blister per day. Then I started getting Ultrathione 500, it costs a little bit less, about $40 but it contains 60 pills, therefore 2 months and I continued the chelation.

In addition to the Ultrathione 500 I integrated the vitamins with half pill per day of VM 2000 by Solgar. This is a natural product which is not synthesized with solvents and so on. After about 8 months from the chelation beginning I started getting Omega3 in the evening, without getting vitamins anymore. What about my health conditions in July? I was not tired, on the contrary! I had all the strengths in order to make the treble respect when I was 18! I rock-climbed, run! Gee whiz! If I thought how I was the summer before… (do you remember? I couldn’t move the legs, I was on the wheelchair, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t move an hand and to see from one eye… )

August arrived, after 19 infusions, and my intoxication level was considerably decreased even if I was still far away from the expected result that is null intoxification.

Then in August I interrupted the infusions and I went on holiday. Here I stopped getting any kind of pill and I started getting Cellfood drops, I’ll describe it immediately later. Unbelievable! If before I had an energy in my body I have never had since years, then it was something really unbelievable! I slept only 5 hours per night and so for a month (I was in California and then NY!). When I went to NY I had impressive bags under the eyes and a little later in Philadelphia I run on the famous Rocky steps under the rain “eating” the steps!

15.2 Cellfood

Now I would like to describe you what Cellfood is. It’s a product in drops. It releases oxygen in the blood and it’s useful to detoxify and to fight the free radicals thanks to its formulation. In fact it contains 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids. It supplies an insuperable oxygen source, a nutrition system to all the cells, in a way to optimize the absorption, but above all to let this substances free in case of effective necessity.

The main advantages of an integration based on Cellfood are:

  • It improves the resistance and energy.
  • It protects the lungs and it helps the breathing function.
  • It increases the cerebral functions, the attention and concentration.
  • It reinforces the immunitary system.
  • It eliminates the free radicals in excess.
  • It detoxifies, peroxides and nourishes the cells.
  • It accelerates the elimination of lactic acid, favouring better sports performance.
  • It’s absorbed at 95-100%.
  • It facilitates the digestion and the global metabolism.
  • It’s absolutely not toxic.
  • It doesn’t contain yeast and gluten.

It’s able to let free the oxygen only inside the cell and it blocks the free radicals which causes of precocious obsolescence. Cellfood results to be a really strong antioxidant.

  • My body was so intoxicated from aluminium because my liver can’t completely filter this substance. This happened because in my organism an alelle of Glutathione gene is missing from which the relative enzyme is from: the major antioxidant of human body.
  • Ultrathione 1000 Sport conteins 1000mg of Glutatione. This pills are synthesized from Vitamin C. It’s completely absorbed through white-cells. It’s equivalent to 4 infusions of Glutathione. You can get them every day. They don’t conteins preserves, colorings, and so on…
  • VM2000 is a vitamin integrator completely natural.
  • Cellfood let free oxigen which peroxide the tissues and the body cells, it’s a really strong antioxidant.