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08. CHELATING AGENTS AND THE GADOLINIUM (the fourth discovery)

Waiting to get the 34th infusion, me and the doctor decided to get the exam with all the heavy metals. It’s more expensive (150E), it’s made in USA by an analysis and diagnostic centre which is certificated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They measure 19 heavy metals, Gadolinium included. This exams is carried out in a different way compare to the exams I got until that moment.

IIn fact in this case it’s necessary to collect the urine in the 3 hours after the infusion in this can.

After you collected them, it’s necessary to mix them and you can pull out them in two test-tubes, which will be send to a diagnostic centre in US.

Therefore the modality of the exam requires more time.

The time that I had to get this infusion and exam came. After the infusion I collected the urine for 3 hours in that can and immediately later we sent the test-tubes. The morning after, just woke up, I noticed with infinite joy that the sensibility of my foot was perfected again and all the other problems were disappeared! I couldn’t believe it! Therefore the contrast agents had really affected my health condition! Now my desire was only to know the result of the exam.

Before reporting the results I’d like to let you notice some little particulars:

  1. I’ve never suffered from kidney problems.
  2. The unit of measurements of the relative aluminium exam made in Italy and in US are different. In fact in Italy the aluminium concentration is measured in mcg/l, while in US in mcg/gcreat. Therefore in order to compare these two exams you have to make uniform the unit of measurements, making them homogeneous (I’ll describe how later).
  3. The maximum threshold value for each metal is established country by country, therefore in order to remain safe, we refer to the lowest one.
  • • July 24, 2008: I highlight only the values over the maximum threshold.
    Lead 6.2 mcg/gcreat
    (maximum reference value 1.4 mcg/gcreat)
    Aluminium 197.1 mcg/gcreat (maximum reference value 22.3 mcg/gcreat)
    Gadolinium 61.604 mcg/gcreat (maximum reference value 0.019 mcg/gcreat)
    Gallium 0.139 mcg/gcreat (maximum reference value 0.028 mcg/gcreat)

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8.1 Gadolinium level in my body

Bewilder and incredulity! But how? The level of Gadolinium is about 60 mcg/gcreat. It’s about 3200 times the maximum threshold! Did you understand well? Three thousand two hundred times! And the Gadolinium can be assumed only from the contrast agents! It’s a rare metals in nature!

But how was it possible? So I occurred what I read about Gadolinium: toxic metals, present only in the contrast agents, which has to be tied with a chelating molecule in order to be drag out from the body.

Some observations:

  • In the case in which the Gadolinium goes beyond the hematoencephalic barrier, it has to be chelated out of the brain. And then I think: but how? There’s no any chelating molecule which is able to across the hematoencephalic barrier even if it’s corrupted. In order to chelating the aluminium from my brain I spent 28 infusions, which were necessary to start the diffusion process.
  • This is why the same day of the infusion I got a strong desensibilization of my foot.
  • And this is why after two infusions I didn’t get this symptom anymore (the diffusion process has already started).
  • Some more… The Gadolinium has as first symptom the strong loss of hair. This is why I started loosing an infinite quantity of hair, I lost wisp of hair every time I passed my hands trough them. Before I didn’t loose one of them!
  • The magnetic resonance with the contrast agents born just to highlight the progression of the disease localizing the area with lesions in active phase, but at the same time this exam is also a cause of the same disease!Which reliability can have an exam with such characteristic? Gee whiz! Before the resonance I had no problems, while the same afternoon after getting the resonance I felt a complete sensibility lack of my foot and my equilibrium was so precarious!

8.2 Aluminium level in my body

The value of the US test is expressed in (microgram/gram of creatinina), while the Italian value is expressed in (microgram/litre). Therefore it’s necessary to uniform the unit of measurement. You have to multiple the US value for the value of creatinina which is measured in the same exam, in fact it’s measured in (milligram/decilitre)

In my case for example:

Aluminium = 197,1 (microgram/gram of creatinina)
Creatinina = 25.25 (milligram/dl)
Aluminium (microg/l) = Aluminium [US, that is (microg/g creatinina)] * 25.25 (g/l) * (10/1000)
That is:
Aluminium (microg/l) = 197.1 [USA, that is (microg/g creatinina)] * 0.2525 (g/l) = 49.76 (microgram/l)

This value is not so different from the previous one (56,7 mcg/l). The US exam is definitely more accurate (it’s necessary to collect urine in 3 hours after the infusion), but it’s also true that the exam made in Italy (really faster, because you collect the urine immediately after the infusion) is in first approximation quite truthful.

8.3 Lead level in my body

The maximum threshold American value is lower then the Italian value. The detected level in my body is lightly higher.

8.4 Gallium level in my body

It’s about 4 times the maximum threshold level, It has an effect really similar to the aluminium.

  • Therefore I got the 34th chelating infusion getting also the metal exam made in US. This exam is able to measure the level of 19 heavy metals, Gadolinium included.
  • The morning after, just woke up, I noticed with infinite joy that the sensibility of my foot was back to the perfection and all the other problems were disappeared! I couldn’t really believe! Therefore the contrast agents really affected my health condition!
  • The measured Gadolinium was 3200 times the maximum threshold level! The aluminium was more or less the same, the measured Gallium 4 times the maximum threshold (it has effects similar to the aluminium).
  • The magnetic resonance exam with contrast agents was born to highlight the disease progression, going to locate the lesions area in activity phase, but this exam also is a cause of the same disease! Which reliability can have an exam with such characteristics?

I didn’t feel any symptom, but I had to go on with such detoxification infusions in order to remove the Gadolinium and once and for all the Aluminium. At the follow infusion I’ve got a new detoxification exam again in Bologna just to understand the relationship with the complete exam made in US.

These are the values:

  • July 15, 2008: Aluminium 53.6 mcg/l (maximum reference value 20mcg/l), it’s comparable to the previous exam! Lead NOT DETECTABLE (maximum reference value 150mcg/gcreat), Mercury 4mcg/gcreat (maximum reference value 35mcg/gcreat).

(click on this image to enlarge it)

I’ve already got 35 infusions

  • In the last 4 infusions the aluminium in my body was the following:
    • May 26, 2008: Aluminium 48 mcg/l.
    • May 28, 2008: magnetic resonance with the contrast agents.
    • June 10, 2008: Aluminium 56,7 mcg/l.
    • June 24, 2008: Aluminium 197.1 mcg/gcreat, therefore Aluminium = 49.76 mcg/l.
    • July 15, 2008: Aluminium 53,6 mcg/l.



May 26, 2008

48 mcg/l

20 mcg/l

May 28, 2008

magnetic resonance with the contrast agents.

June 10, 2008

56,7 mcg/l

20 mcg/l

June 24, 2008

49.76 mcg/gl

20 mcg/l

July 15, 2008

53,6 mcg/l

20 mcg/l

Now the question is: how is it possible that in 4 consecutive infusions the Aluminium is not decrease even only a little bit? Do you remember when I explained that the EDTA is a selective molecule with a different affinity degree with the heavy metals? [See 4.1 EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)].

For this reason the EDTA couldn’t catch the Aluminium in a complete way! In fact after getting the magnetic resonance, my body was so much saturated from Gadolinium that the EDTA could only catch this metal!