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07. MAGNETIC RESONANCE (the third discovery)

On the 27 of May 2008 I was in perfect fit. I didn’t feel any problems, I didn’t feel tiredness, my coordination was perfect, prefect seeing, no rigidity at legs, high concentration. After 32 chelating infusions, my body was almost totally detoxificated from heavy metal. The days passed fast: at work the responsibility grew up (9 hours per day), just arrived at home I wrote my story in Italian and English (4 hours per day), twice a week I attended a Pilates course in a gym (2 hours every 3 days) and then family, friends, etc… Although I had only a few time to sleep, about 6/7 hours per night, I woke up without the alarm clock, I was always in time and always fresh, in the past it didn’t happen! I took one free week from work in order to design and make the website (www.matteodallosso.org). I was nearly arrived at the conclusion of my writing (Italian and English), waiting for the last magnetic resonance. I was really ready to publish my story… I was definitely unaware about what I’m going to live.

The morning of the 28 I was really carefree, I went to the hospital in order to get the magnetic resonance. A little after going out from the tube of the resonance I felt a little bit of dizziness, even if I thought it was not a problem. So I went to work. The more the hours passed, the more I didn’t feel well. In the afternoon I felt the dizziness was always more and I started feeling a considerable sensibility lack of my left foot and just a bit to my right foot. Just arrived at home I checked my equilibrium with the classic exercises and I really had some problems which the day before I hadn’t.

I was obviously scared, at work I pretended nothing happened even if the sensibility lack was my only thought. A colleague of mine realized something, but I changed the speech. When I went to my family I pretended nothing happened, my brother, my dad and my mom have already suffered too much!

I didn’t feel to decrease this sensibility lack at my foot. I started studying what the magnetic resonance is.

7.1 Magnetic resonance

The magnetic resonance, I get, was a magnetic resonance with 1,5 Tesla (Wikipedia) with contrast agents. It’s a liquid which is injected during the resonance in order to highlight every active lesion. In particular the contrast agents (Gadolinium) is considered so useful in order to evaluate the activity disease. Every time that you get the NMR with Gadolinium for first you get an image of your brain or the spinal cord, then you get the contrast agents and get the second image. The lesions, which appear in the last scan and not present in the first one, identify the active area of the disease. If the hematoencephalic barrier is undamaged the Gadolinium is not able to across it, but if it is interrupted or altered in its permeability, that is when some demielinization are present, the Gadolinium goes through it.

7.2 Gadolinium

Gadolinium [chemical element with symbol Gd] is a part of the lanthanide group elements. It’s a metal of the rare-earth; it’s a silvery-white, malleable and ductile. It’s used as contrast agents for the Magnetic Resonance (NMR), it’s injected intravenously. Gadolinium is accumulated in the alter tissues emitting an high signal intensity. Being toxic for the body, it has to be tied with a chelating agent (DPTA, or diethylene-triamino-pentaacetic acid), which has to carry the metal away through the urine. Analogously with the other lanthanide elements, the Gadolinium compounds are considerate with a low-down toxicity, even if its toxicity has not been studied in details yet.

7.3 Magnetic resonance result

My magnetic resonance result was a shock!

Respect with the previous exam, which was got in another location on the 14 of February, new demielinization lesions are observed, diffused to both cerebral, cerebellar and truck hemispheric. That with major dimension are in the left semi oval centre in front-base homolateral site; after Gadolinium administration they show a “cercine” absorption. Others littler, which show a points source pathologic absorption, are focused in the right front cortical, bilateral radial crown, specifically to the left and multiple perigonal to the right.
No meaningful changes to the other finds.

Obviously it was an freezing shower. Before getting this resonance I was in perfect fit! I just didn’t aspect such negative result. My parents and my brother were obviously shocked and even if the sensibility of my foot was completely missing I couldn’t tell it to them. On the contrary some days later my brother gave me some tickets for the motoGP at Mugello. We walked a lot trough the Scarperia hills!

A wonderful experience, but in that health condition was so hard!

In that days I realized that I started loosing a lot of hair, weird… Before I didn’t loose one of them! The DAN doctor, who follows me, told me to get again Cellfood drops, 2 pills of Ultrathione 500 per day, and half pill of VM2000 per day, obviously during the whole day, in order to increase the detoxification of my body.

  • I was in perfect fit and my body was nearly totally detoxificated from heavy metal. I was ready to publish my story.
  • I got the magnetic resonance. During the same afternoon I started realizing several problems, dizziness, so strong left foot sensibility lack and partial lack of the right foot, equilibrium was definitely worst.
  • The magnetic resonance with contrast agents is necessary to evaluate the presence of possible active lesions.
  • The contrast agent, which is used, is the Gadolinium. It’s an heavy toxic metal and for this reason it has to be tie with a chelating molecule, in order to be sent this metal off the urine.
  • The resonance results was definitely worst with some new active lesions.
  • During the day I started getting again Cellfood drops, 2 pills of Ultrathione 500 per day, and half pill of VM2000 per day.

The time for the 33rd chelating infusion arrived! Obviously I was really curious to see how my body, in particular my foot sensibility, would have react to the chelating infusion and I was even too curious to know if in the contrast agents other substances were introduced further the Gadolinium.

  • June 10, 2008: Aluminium 56.7 mcg/l (maximum reference value 20mcg/l) gee whiz it’s increased a bit! Lead NO MORE DETACTABLE (maximum reference value 150mcg/gcreat), Mercury 2 mcg/gcreat (maximum reference value 35mcg/gcreat ).

(click on it to enlarge it)

The day after the infusion, the left foot sensibility lack was halved, no more dizziness and my equilibrium was definitely better, even if it was not perfect! It was so evident that the contrast agents had effected on my health condition. Waiting for the next chelating infusion, which I would have to get after 2 weeks, I kept going on with the autochelation with Cellfood, Ultrathione and VM2000.

  • At the following infusion, that is the 33rd, the aluminium level recognized in my body was littler higher, nothing so serious.
  • The day after the infusion, the sensation of total sensibility lack was halve, I didn’t have dizziness anymore, my equilibrium was definitely better. They were a clear signals that the contrast agents was in strictly correlation with my worsening of my health conditions.
  • Waiting for the following infusion I went on with the autochelation getting daily the CellFood drops, 2 pills of Ultrathione 500 and half pill of VM2000.