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I came back in Italy, I felt so good! I felt like I was another boy! No more tiredness, no more problems, no more anything, only little troubles to run, but I felt so fine.
Clearly I went to my neurologist in Bologna and to my doctor to tell them my experience and how much I had needed the ozonetherapy and Glutathione infusions, but nobody heard me!
Everyone told me that it was normal that this kind of disease had high and low and they didn’t believe me! Clearly they let me free to do, but nobody knows anything. Rather they told to me and to my father that ozonetherapy was even forbidden in Italy. It was not forbidden at all. Day by day I felt faster more and more tired, a tiredness that only you can understand. But now I knew this my gene lack and it was also clear a probable heavy metal poisoning even if I didn’t know what the meaning was and above all nobody made me a specific exams. I wanted only to know, to understand and to know, but the doctors didn’t know anything. I found a doctor in Bologna who treaded me with ozonetherapy and who believed at my story. Therefore I started this therapy with him and even if the day I was treaded with such infusion I felt euphoric, the day after I started getting the same problems. Always 100E per infusion and too much desperation! (Then I’ll explain you why the ozonetherapy is now out-of-date!)
Contemporarily I started this new work as designer engineer in detection high speed train safety system, but my health condition got worst faster. This doctor was not prepared to cure heavy metal intoxication, but in that moment I thought it was the only possible way. Every week I made an intramuscular puncture of vitamin B12, too much painful!
I was more and more tired. Just to give you an example: as soon as I arrived at home from my work, I lied on my bed and I had no more power to wake me up even if I knew that staying lied in my room could only get worst my health conditions. In fact the walls were painted since few time, the parquet and the furniture, made by wood, had a strong smell of formaldehyde (it’s necessary to conserve the wood): the toxicologist who worked for the German doctor team explained it to me. But I couldn’t lift up and when I succeeded I felt to much dizziness, but I continued to work, with a really indescribable efforts. Then my left hand and my right eye was hit. Always faster until when I couldn’t move my hand and see at right.

During the lunch break I called by mobile phone without headphone my ex-girlfriend because nobody believed me!
At work I looked at the electrical schemes only with my left eye and with my right hand I wrote.

Walking was so harder and I was always more tired. I couldn’t keep my concentration and my mind got lost to find out the solution. Then these problems hit even my voice. I could talk with a big effort until I couldn’t talk anymore! At this point I couldn’t do anything…

My parents were clearly in crisis.

So I went to the hospital to make me admit. They hospitalized me, even because I couldn’t walk anymore. With a big effort I could only make 7 steps, just to go to the bathroom. They treated me with 5 infusions of cortisone and even if I couldn’t move the hand, see from one eye, I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t walk, I wanted to know, I just wanted to know!
After these 5 days I came back home, but the problems remained and I still couldn’t walk, talk and move my left hand.
Therefore I wrote a blog (only with my right hand of course), with all my story ever since in order to try to talk with someone who could help me to understand.

My ex-girlfriend with who I lived 5 years of excited love, talked to her father, reanimator doctor in a really famous hospital, and he suggested me to go in a specialized center, in particolar to San Raffaele hospital in Milan.

Therefore I went to this hospital. They hospitalized me too and here I had all the possible exams, magnetic resonance, motor evoked potential with really worried results.
The resonance is in CD-ROM and here I report just a brief summary, you’ll find the complete version in annex and you can download it in my download page.

I don’t know if I translated it correctly, if it’s not, I’m so sorry, but I think the meaning is quite comprehensible. Of course if you think I have to correct it, send me the right translation by mail and I’ll publish it with your name under the text!


… The exam has been compared with the previous one made in another location in 05/06/1997. As far as possible the comparison evaluation with the different technique between these two exams, today it’s documented a bigger clear increase of the lesion load for the appearance of a lot new focal area with iperintesity in the sequences with long localized in bilateral hemisferic side, in both the posterior medium cerebral spaces with floor level of the IV ventricul, mesencephalic located, in the right cerebral space, at right talamo-capsulare, bilateral periventricolar and in both the semioval centres. Basically the ventricolar system dimension and the subaracnoidei spaces are the same. After a somministration of ev made of gadolinio, it’s documented two lesions with nodular enhancement in temporal periventricolar site and in the left semioval centre. Conclusion: the exams has documented a clear worst picture and the presence of two lesions with “activity” action.

The diagnosis was clear: secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.
They made me other 5 infusions of cortisone, but they didn’t answer to my questions. After these 5 infusions I moved in another ward in order to start the physiotherapy. Just to give you an idea: they asked me to make equilibrium exercises at the horizontal sticks in order not to fall down when I got lost my equilibrium!
I could not stand in equilibrium on one leg for more than 10 seconds, I went up to the steps leaning on and I run without any kind of coordination and in order to digit the alphabetic letters on the keyboard with my left hand I spent more than 25 seconds and I succeeded it only with my thumb and with a big effort with my forefinger.

And my ex-girlfriend didn’t even come to visit me in the hospital. Then I found out that the father obliged her not to come: imagine my desperation!

The San Raffaele doctors, and I’d like to let you present between “the best” in the world, absolutely wanted to make me an immunosuppression infusion, in particular Mitoxantrone (it’s an agent for chemotherapy used in case of multiple sclerosis with rapid and disabling progression). I had my ideas and even if I was alone, I didn’t want to get any other infusions. I was able to take time, but on the 23rd of August 2006 six doctors with white shirt and with the San Raffaele head physician, came into my room and with my parents presence told me that I wasn’t compos mentis anymore and that my parents had the responsibility for all that I had never done and I didn’t want to get. The words of this doctor, who was called “the king” from the other doctors, didn’t give me one possibility. When I was alone with the doctor/researcher and with my parents the doctor told me that I won’t ever recover any damage I had. That words are impressed and chiseled in my mind and I won’t ever forget them.
Seeing my parent tears and hearing the words of my ex-girlfriend father I convinced myself that I was wrong. So I agreed to make me this infusion. The risks? They are remote, but they are. Which one? Sterility and cancer are the worst. The following days the same rehabilitation activities. But all the nights before falling asleep I went secretly down into the underworld, I accessed to a little room and I was able to navigate in Internet! I just wanted to know and to find out if I was wrong. So I knew a doctor, he is a really special person, who showed and proved me what I thought and taught me much more…
Well… Now a new chapter of my life begins.

  • I came back in Italy and I tried to talk to the doctors about what happened to me in Germany, but nobody heard me even if they let me free to do.
  • I found out a doctor who believed at my story, I started the ozonotherapy in Bologna, with scarce results.
  • I felt myself always worst. My conditions got worst always faster.
  • In May 2006 I started a new work. Faster my fatigue and my difficulties were always bigger.
  • At the end of July I was admitted in Hospital, before in Bologna then in Milan. I couldn’t walk, move the left hand, I saw really bad and I couldn’t talk no more.
  • Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis diagnosis.
  • In total I got 10 infusions of cortisone and 1 of immunosuppression.
  • Phisical rehabilitation and clearly visibile problems.
  • Nobody answered me to my questions.
  • In September 2006 I came back in Bologna. I met a doctor and special person. He taught and proved me that what I thought had a scientific based.