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The first exams were the magnetic resonance (1997) and some months later the liquor exam, from which some oligoclonal bands were highlighted (you can find all my exams in the Annex). My neurologist, after about 1 year, told me I had the Multiple Sclerosis.
I briefly report here all the problems I’ve initially had, the medical visits, the exams and the therapies I got.

  • 04/1997: double vision, seeing double. Oculist visit, neurology visit, orthoptic visit.
  • 05/1997: magnetic resonance, you can find this exam result as any other in the annex. Annex.
  • 09/1997: lumbar puncture and 4 infusions of cortisone.
  • 03/1998: little beating under my right eye.
  • 07/1998: light tingling to my right hand fingers.
  • 07/1998: tingling and sensibility lack of right part of the body, in particular to hand, arm,
    thorax and under my feet.
  • 07/1998: force and right hand sensibility lack. 4 infusions of cortisone.
  • 07/1998: right hand sensibility lack. 5 intramuscle punctures: Synacten.
  • 09/1998: Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.
  • 11/1998: equilibrium lack. 15 intramuscular vials of Decatlon 1ml.
  • 04/1999: my legs regained their sensibility.
  • 07/1999: I started getting 2 Azatioprina pills per day.
  • 08/1999: I increased getting 3 Azatioprina pills per day.
  • 11/2001: end of Azatioprina therapy.
  • 11/2001: 2 boxes of Prefolic made of 15 tablets.

As I’ve already described, in 2003 I went to Germany and after four months living in Karlsruhe, I went to the German doctor who removed from me 4 amalgams and 1 devitalized tooth.
In that moment he showed me that these 4 amalgams had each a different electrical conductivity and according to him depending on the food I ate my organism predisposed itself in different way and it got me more sensible to substances I ingested.
In that occasion I didn’t take specific exams, because with this money I could have all the request work. From the week later of the amalgam removal and the devitalized tooth I felt I was reborn. I had no more disturbs, only a little difficulty to run, but for the rest I had no more problems. Therefore I thought that it was the only reason for all (instead I was wrong).

Notice that according what you will read later I believe that removing the amalgams without precautions could cause me serious complications, even until to the coma.

  • In the 1997 I got the first symptoms of really serious disease.
  • In the 1998 I had the multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Cortisone and Aziotiprina.
  • In the 2003 I went to Germany and a doctor took me 4 amalgams off and 1 devitalized tooth. I felt I was reborn.

Here a new dramatic chapter begins.
I went back to Italy convinced I was solved the problem, but with the time, really really slowly I felt worst and I didn’t understand why!
In particular in September 2005 I made some reconstruction works at home, using some solvents and paints. 2 months later walking, keeping my equilibrium, moving the left hand were so hard tasks and really fast my health conditions got worst!
I didn’t went to make me tread with cortisone. In November 2005 I went back to Germany in order to make a special blood exam to understand if I had MCS disease (multiple chemical sensibility), a relatively new disease, if you desire I’ll talk it to you more in details. The results were comfortable. I had no MCS disease.
Therefore my questions were three:

  • Why on me the amalgams caused me such pains, while to the other people nothing happened?
  • Why when I removed them, I felt immediately better, but slowly I started feeling so bad again?
  • For which reason I had so serious relapse?

I enacted a principle which is true in my field, that is the electronic: “the more one problem is repeated, the more it’s easy to understand why and therefore fix it”.
The problem was that I was managing my health!
Therefore I waited, waited, waited, until staying really bad (may 2006). And when I tell you really bad I mean that:

  • After I walked for 20 meters I felt my legs were paralyzed (I felt them as 2 sticks).
  • I couldn’t coordinate my left hand anymore.
  • I couldn’t walk anymore.
  • I saw double.
  • I lost my equilibrium.
  • Dizziness at any movement.
  • I couldn’t keep wee.
  • An unbelievable weariness at every movement.
I predisposed my working life in order to get one “free” month … I left to Germany lying to my parents, who were in deep depression. In order not to let them feeling bad I said nothing, making nothing happen.
It was so hard carrying my bagagge, suitecase and all the other stuffs. I was completely alone! But I could speak quite well English and a little bit of German. Here I got some exams from which I understood part of the truth.

Now I’d like to comment these exams with you and explain you the meaning of them.


(To enlarge this image click on it)

(To enlarge this image click on it)

The first abnormalities you can see are:

  • Bilirubin. it’s too high for my constitution.
  • TSH. This value indicates the thyroid hormone. It’s too high. The German doctor said that it meant the liver worked less and therefore worst. For this reason I felt so tired.

But we have no showed yet the main reason of everything. Let’s go on…

  • GSTT/GST-theta associated with GST-pl/GSTP. The same doctor told me that these combined values showed that my organism was polluted by some external substances.
  • The vitamin D3 is completely missing. The doctor told me it could be a beginning of osteoporosis, likely due to the infusions of cortisone I’ve made before.

But we have no centered the main target yet.
All these anomalies are due to another reason much more important, at the origin of everything.

  • Glutatione S transferasi M1: missing. This exam showed that in my organism this allele of Glutatione gene is missing!

Requirement n°1: an allele is a part of a gene and this specific gene is made of 14 alleles.
Requirement n°2: the genes are transferred by the mother and the father 50% from each one. At every gene correspond an enzyme, at every enzyme correspond a function which is more or less marked. In my body this allele is missing, therefore the function associated to its is not carried out and, even if it’s only a part of a gene, the associated chain to this enzyme cannot be completed.

Now the question is: which is the associated function to it?

Requirement n°3: the liver works with two phases.

  • In the first one the liver transforms the food in water-soluble substances which circulate in the blood and carry the nutrition to all the body.
  • In the second one instead the liver purifies the organism from all the poisons disabling them and removing them.

The Glutathione is responsible to these processes because it’s indispensable for both the detoxification phases.

Don’t having this allele, my body was not able to carry out this function in a complete way.
Instead what happened?
It happened that all the substances were not completely disabled by the liver included the mercury coming from the amalgams.
It explains a lot of things:

  • it explains why the amalgams has been only a catalyze and it explains why to the other people it doesn’t cause any effect.
  • it explains why I felt so bad only when I was 19 and not before: in fact dentists put me the amalgams when I was between 12 and 14.
  • it explains why once I removed the amalgams following the right protocol, which I’ll describe you later, I felt immediately better.
  • and it also explains why my health conditions with time got worst; because when I removed my amalgams my organism wasn’t saturated by “poison”, until when I made really toxic works at home with paints/solvents and other poisons.

In Germany they cured me in 10 days. I spent a lot of money! And even if I know he is a one of the best dentist…, he tricked me and I won’t forget it, if you ask me I’ll tell you everything… just to let you know… But in that moment my happiness was too much, I only tell you that after the fourth night I woke up crying so much joy I felt.

Imagine what it means solving all these problems!
The therapy was splitted in 2 parts:

  1. the first one was the ozonetherapy. Basically every day they extracted from me my blood, then they re-injected it plus ozone in gaseous state which was contained in a special syringe.
  2. the second one was divided every day. Basically it was made of infusions which contained different substances, one per day: Vitamin B + C, Alpha lipoic acid and Glutathione.

Do you remember how many problems I had before getting this therapy?

From the fourth night until the tenth, as I’ve already told you, I woke up crying of joy. Nearly no problem no more! Only 4 days. If it was not happened to me I’d never believe it!

The fourth day I walk so much that I felt bad to my muscles and my ankles. I was not trained anymore. The fifth day my brother came to visit me in Munich Germany and he didn’t realize the difference between him and me.

Here I report the details of the benefits I got in these 10 days.

  • 04/24/2006: no more dizziness.
  • 04/25/2006: regained my left hand coordination and I had suddenly no wee sensation anymore.
  • 04/26/2006: regained my equilibrium.
  • 04/27/2006: the seeing was not a problem anymore.
  • 04/28/2006: I walked for 2 hours without any break, then I had to stop me because my muscles and ankles gave me some pains.
  • 04/29/2006: my left eye is completely opened. I walked all the afternoon.
  • 04/30/2006: free day (I didn’t get any therapy)
  • 05/01/2006: free day (ditto). In the afternoon I got some tiredness.
  • 05/02/2006: the tiredness was disappeared.
  • 05/03/2006 … 05/05/2006: my health conditions got incredibly better! The only thing missing was the run.
  • In autumn 2003 I came back in Italy, but slowly my health conditions got worst.
  • In 2005 I made some domestic work using solvents and paints. My health conditions got worst much more faster.
  • In the 2006 I went back to Germany. I got some exams and they cured me in 10 days (even this time I felt reborn). I found out that in my body a part of a Glutathione gene is missing, the main detoxificant / antioxidant factor of the body.