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My restenosis and general reflections

Posted by matteodallosso on July 11, 2011 in CCSVI

Hi everyone,

two day after an interview (only italian) Italia7, I felt the first symptoms that warned me, in particular lack of sensibility in my feet and a lack of balance … So I decided to check with an EDC (Eco color Doppler) the status of my jugular veins 5 months after the liberation (medical surgery). Here are the results below:

As you can read (Italian only), I had a restenosis in both jugular veins. so the blood, which leaves my brain, is slowed and it’s explained the reason why I got some health problems. How am I now?

I did 5 infusions of cortisone and I’m slightly getting better…
As I personally heard from many friends ​​and read around some forums, many of us have had the same problem. So now the question is how to deal with the situation? As you know my health conditions got incredibly better after the infusions of a chelating agents which remove toxic metals from the blood (it’s a necessary condition of MS, already shown “Elevated urinary excretion of aluminum and iron in multiple sclerosis”, Keele University, February 17, 2006). The same therapy improves also the blood circulation, going to activate the microcirculation.
Right now I focus my attention on the chelation therapy (as I’ve always done), waiting for new development techniques and materials used in the dilated angioplasty.

Personal notes:

  1. Do you remember, when in 2006 I went to Germany running away from home, how my health conditions were? My head was spinning, I coun’t stand on my foot, I felt so tired after 10 meters walk, I had an eye closed, difficul to keep wee, I saw double and so on… I also found out I have no an Allele, which is part of a Glutathione gene which allows to detoxify the body from heavy metals. In 10 days I had an incredible improvement due to an antioxidant therapy (ozone therapy), which is not able to remove the metals and for the same reason I felt even worse until couldn’t move my legs with a diagnoses of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, major details here.
    Since then I found out that the chelation therapy allows to remove part of that toxic load and my health condition improved so much (nearly perfect), click here to watch me in a video…
  2. After the liberation I had no limit no more, I thought I was again at 18 years old… Work, fitness, political activism in the Movimento 5 Stelle (change the country in order not to change the country), click here to see me while I play the part of a young accountant gangster and when I was back home answering to your emails and meeting you in person from all over Italy… Wao! What emotion, privilege and responsibility!
  3. Even if right now I don’t have a wonderful time, I lived worse situation and above all now I know something more…, therefore Stay tuned

Thanks everyone and with my last video I  e con questo mio ultimo video I embrace you all …!

We win…!


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