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March 2012

My story: a little step against the skepticism…

Posted by matteodallosso on March 31, 2012 in News

After being inside the fantastic world of science as "author" in the 2003 thanks to The University of Bologna with the publication: "Xpipes: a latency insensitive parameterized network-on-chip architecture for multiprocessor SoCs", that some years ago was the state of art , and today starting point for several applications, being present in the most modern electronic [...]

My physiotherapy and my workout before going to work!

Posted by matteodallosso on March 7, 2012 in rebound

Before going to work, before having breakfast, just waking up (at 6:15am).
How starting the day in a good mood, jumping…!
… and having said that what I’ve done and I’m doing it’s all on my own, for more details click here.
A dear huge and…
We win…!